Cockpit trainer full fixed base

Complete fixed base A320 simulator.
The ideal tool for training, skill maintenance and advanced users.

All the systems and functions of the A320 are implemented there.
The most complete and faithful model of its category on the market.

French made.

Ready to work with:

-Flight Factor Ultimate A320

-ProSim A320

-JeeHell A320 FMGS

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-Metal floor, epoxy paint, carpet finish.

-Aluminium cabin, epoxy paint, with 3 mm plexiglass windows.

-Complete interior finishes (handles, side and ceiling sun visors, headphone sockets, headphone support, etc.).

- Complete MIP, Pedestal, Glareshield, Overhead and AFT Overhead, with all their functional modules.

(Full details available on request)

-Flight controls:

-Side Sticks x2.(Replica pro models. We can add OEM sticks in our structures)

-Tillers x2.

-Rudder x2 (Replica pro with depth adjustment and movable index).

-Motorized throttle.(Replica pro model)

-Interior lights:

-Console/Floor lights.

-Instrument panel lights.

-Captain and FO map lights.

-Dome lights.

-Reading lights.

-Adjustable full backlight.

- Power seats adjustable up/down and fore/aft.

-Adjustable left and right armrests (with movable index on side stick armrest).


4 sources of sound to be in total immersion.

2 sets 2.1 + 2 sets 2.0

-Computer :

-Computer rack included with two PCs running the entire simulator.
-Our after-sales service closest to the customer:

-We take care of delivery, on-site assembly and training for the simulator part.

Your options:

-Xplane and FFA320 U license

- Prosim-AR and MSFS 2020/PREPAR3D license

-Exterior visual

Please contact us for more information and advice for the realization of your project.
Our showroom is equipped with a fixed base A320 simulator allowing you to appreciate the quality of the product and to project yourself into your project.


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