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  • Dummy BREAKER 3d printed in PLA diameter of drilling for fixation 6mm Black color

  • Ajouter More

    Set of stickers for B737-800All are in stickersThe plate AD2002 ..... is in pmma 1.3mm supplied with double face Customizable Selcal and  Registry

  • UTILITY PANEL, finished the mouse and the keyboard to make live your simulator.Keyboard grouping functions for GSX / P3D & FSXTotally plug & playRecognized by windowsBacklitedDimensions: 145 x123 mmAvailable soon User Guide.pdf

  • Set of stickers for B737-800 half cockpit (5 pieces)All are in stickers or PMMA 1.3mm (to be specified when ordering if PMMA)The AD2002 wafer ..... is in pmma 1.3mm supplied with double sidedSelcal and customizable registry (to be indicated during your order)

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