My passion for everything related to aviation and more precisely to flight simulation began when I discovered at the Paris Air Show many years ago that a simulator could be manufactured  at home.

I then undertook the construction of an A320 Cockpit in 2009.

After several years of discovery of the fields necessary for such a realization, superb encounters with extraordinary people, I was able to evolve and learn a lot.

So I have perfecting myself and equiping myself with professional machines allowing me to offer you high quality parts so that you can feel in total immersion during your flights ...

All our parts are machined using :

-1 small CNC with a working surface of 180x230mm

-1 second CNC with a working surface of 600x400mm

-2 FDM 3D printers

-2 DLP 3D printers

-1 CO2 Laser cutter/engraver

This is how (and .com) saw the day, with the desire to remain close to our customers.

Imagine, we take care of realizing !!

The Team Homecockpits