A320 MIP & Glareshield

Tax included

A320 MIP complete, ready to plug.

Aluminum structure 2 and 3 mm.

Epoxy Ral 5008 and Black paint

Ready to work with:

-Flight Factor Ultimate A320


-JeeHell A320 FMGS

MIP &GLARESHIELD Motherboards not included, you must ordered at our partner ESC :

MIP : MIP Motherboard


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Aluminum structure 2 & 3 mm.

Baked epoxy paint

Complete set of MIP panels:

-HP / Air vents panels (dummy)

-Captain & FO panel illumination

-ISIS panel

-Autobrake panel

-Landing gear panel

-Triple brake indicator pressure panel


Professional quality screens, IPS panels, HDMI video outputs:


-1x 19"

Full Glareshield:

-Autoland panels Capt & FO

-Efis Captain & FO


Foam finish on the cap for a pleasant touch and a perfect finish.

Geometry and dimensions of the structure identical to reality.

Scale 1:1

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A320 MIP & Glareshield