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  • Main dashboard C172 G10006mm thicknessFixing screws suppliedPanel gauges suppliedHour meter providedDimensions: 1020 mm x 338 mm x 6 mmPossibility to cut the openings for the G1000 and STBY Gauges according to your models (G1000 and gauges cut out)

  • Throttle Panel C172 Front Plate 6mm Back Plate 3mm Integrated backlight (5V) Flap Mecanism (linear potentiometer) , flaps indicator mecanism (servo) 3 Pull switches (cabin heat , cabin air , alt static air) 1 push button for GA Fonctionnal pedestal lighting (2x 5V leds) Throttle and mixture levers not included

  • Switching panel C172 Master Battery and Avionics switches are OEM (Real Cessna parts) Front plate 6 mm Back plate 3 mm Integrated backlight (5V) Dimensions : 200 mm x 216 mm

  • Fuse panel C172Front plate 6mmBack plate 3 mmIntegrated backlight (5V)Dummy fusesDimension: 369.5 mm x 113 mm

  • Utility panel running under Xplane 11 with Better PushBack (freeware)Allows you to plan the pushback and interact with the pushback without using a keyboard or mouse.Also allows to move the view inside / outside and zoom.Available for Airbus / BoeingRecognized by windowsBacklit

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